Billy-Bob’s Parlour 🍦🥞🌭 was on my list of places to go for such a long time. Many of the places we visit during the week but I was under strict instructions, from my husband not to go here without him!

I’ve read a lot about this place so was keen to see what it’s like.

It is on the A59 on the road towards Skipton (near Bolton Abbey). It was a bit closer to Harrogate than I thought (30 minutes).

This is a restaurant with a play area attached and it is really popular so during school holidays and on weekends they have a rule where the play barn is open to diners only (by this they specifically mean those having a full/main meal). You pay £2 for a 2 hour play session which you can use before or after you’ve eaten. We played before as we wanted to get straight off after.

They also have an outdoor play area with lots of seating nearby where you can have a drink and an ice-cream and play for free.

During the week, in term-time in seems these rules are relaxed and you are allowed to pay to use the playbarn and there’s a drinks hut nearby so there’s definitely an option to just enjoy a drink, ice-cream and play for a good few hours.

The playbarn was good (I think I’ve been to so many kids places now it takes a lot to impress me). The decor in the restaurant was really impressive and the food was great. I think this is the perfect place to treat the kids before they go back to school.

My advice would be choose your timings wisely as it does get really busy (we went early for this reason). Book a table online before you go.

Also for those with furry friends, they allow dogs in the outside areas 🐶

Went went again recently and they are currently working on a new indoor playbarn so watch this space later in the year to see more.