On a warm and sunny February day (feels bonkers saying that) we headed to Crag House Farm​. It is 20 minutes from Harrogate on the outskirts of Leeds (very near the airport).

In beautiful settings there is a Granary Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Farm Shop, Garden Nursery and playground. We had breakfast in the restaurant first. You get a free kids meal when you spend over £5 on an adult meal 🍽 and in the back corner there’s a toy cupboard full of things to keep the kids entertained.

After food we headed out the back, walked through the gardens and went to the playground. By the playground there’s a bird viewing house 🦅 which also looks towards the airport so perfect for spotting planes ✈️

Crag House Farm is the Headquarters to the Christian Charity Caring For Life. The Charity seeks to support disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Leeds. The Granary Restaurant, Farm Shop, Coffee Shop and Garden Nursery are run as a social enterprise so your custom is supporting that.

We had a lovely time, there’s beautiful views, great food and plenty to keep the kids entertained.