One of the places on my 2020 bucket list was S&B Sensory  a new Sensory centre near Harrogate. It opened at the end of January 2020. We went along to one of their baby and toddler sensory sessions.

I was so impressed with this place. Situated 20 minutes outside of Harrogate along Skipton Road, if you know where Menwith Hill is it’s just near there. It opened last week and is a therapeutic sensory centre.

There are four rooms, the water room, the light room, the ultraviolet room and the main activity room. The main room was a light bright space with reading corner, cacoon nest swing, a baby area and lots of sensory items.

👶🏼 ðŸ§’🏼 Babies and toddlers are welcome at any time but they have a baby sensory session just for little ones on a Tuesday morning from 9:30 to 11:30. It costs £6.50 per child, adults are free. The session includes access to all four sensory rooms. You get complimentary tea â˜•ï¸ coffee, cakes ðŸ§ and biscuits throughout the session and there is a spacious toilet with well-equipped baby changing facilities.

It is an amazing Sensory centre and felt like a really safe space for the little ones to explore. We loved it and will definitely be back again soon.